Workshop in Copenhagen May 2016




Kristján Ingimarsson Company - Stage Arts Laboratory

Workshop in Copenhagen, free of charge.

We are looking for performers in the field of theatre, dance & contemporary circus to     participate in a workshop where we will be researching and trying out specific ideas that later will lead to filming of short episodes for the internet.

The work will include

  • Work with big scenographic, moveable elements, defying gravity.

  • Work on specific scene-ideas and performing style to fit the media.

  • Surrealistic performance and installation.

    Dates: 4. - 14. May (except sunday the 8th.) - Time 10:00 - 15:00.

    THE HANGAR is a Stage Arts Laboratory under the supervision of Kristján Ingimarsson. We want to kick the dinosaur and stimulate more flow and creativity in the Stage Arts:

  • Try out ideas, techniques & develop material for our future work.

  • Give you an insight into Kristján Ingimarsson's way of working.

  • Get to know you, in case you just fit in to our next performance.

    You have to be able to attend at least 5 days of the full period. And you should be physically fit and seriously wanting to go all in. Send a short application to Before 27. April. No fees involved.
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