Technical setup

Stage measurements:

9 x 9 x 3,5 (width x depth x height) Light requirements: 6 fresnells with barn doors, 1 or 1.2kw 8 fresnells with barn doors, 650w 2 par 64 (lamp62 or wide) Min. 18 Channels, DMX controlled. Produktion Fantasia brings: One light console board with DMX control output only. Sound requirements: 1 mixer (We use 2 mono channels input.) 1 set of front loudspeakers suitable for the size of the venue, and one set of monitors, post fader, on stage front. Produktion Fantasia brings: One laptop computer for sound executing. Power requirements: 2 x 10 amp 230 V, one at each projector position. Separate power supplies at F.O.H. for sound, video and light executing. Stage and side legs: 1 Back drop minimum distance from zero; 8 meters Black. As needed; side legs for covering stage sides, opening of minimum 8 meters. Black. All blue lighting for orientation behind stage and on set.

NEANDER brings: All set elements, props and costumes, excluding borders and back drops. Venue provides technicians for setup of sound and lights. Absolute minimum time from start of Setup to performance start is 8 hours. Other requirements: wardrobe for two actors near by stage with access to toilets and shower. A selection of sodas, water, coffee, tee, fruit, snacks and sandwiches, suitable for 5 people during the setup.

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