Press quotes

”Gratitude. Deep gratitude. That’s what you feel after having seen ”Art Of Dying”
Berlingske Tidende

“You’ll die laughing. Here, laughter and pain are twin-sisters. Without words they take us through the whole specter of our feelings in nuanced reflections about the ground-conflicts of life. Simply world-class.”

“Two Big Clowns ... It is a grand, hilarious and touchy little performance, the two mega-talented comedians, have made…Elegant, over the edge, technically tight, funny, charming, capturing, deep without being heavy.”
Jyllands Posten

“Magical clowning. They are clowns, they are mime-artists, they are dancers – they are wonderful. Their names are Paolo Nani and Kristján Ingimarsson, and in 80 minutes they play a fully magical, nonverbal, little performance, which totally absorbs your senses and entertains you. …the performance is a wonder of precision and magic.”

Kristján Ingimarsson Company // Færgegårdsvej 17 d // DK-4760 Vordingborg // Mobile: +45 27 64 91 91 / +45 25 53 55 13