Press quotes

”The acute super nova of performance comedy, the loaded with multi talent Kristján Ingimarsson has choreographed a suite that sphinx-like boils down human life to a day and on an experimental basis: to fifteen inalienable gift from Ingimarsson, pure musical spoiling without leaving the head behind. That man has international potential, catch him while he is here...’
Information (DK)

”Blow Job is some of the most funny to be experienced in contemporary Danish theatre. It is body-theatre spraying sweat!...fabulous acts of pantomime”
B.T. (DK)

”Blow job is short-of-breath everyday satire. Dynamic and amusing spectacle, performed with impressive bodily discipline and show-off equilibrism ”
Berlingske Tidende (DK)

”The tempo, timing and the sparkling wit shining from Ingimarsson’s theatre-tour de force is truly outstanding...a rare humorous combination of experience, engagement and reflection.”
Helsingør Dagblad (DK)

”A celestial supply of clown gimmicks, acrobatic shopping possibilities, dancing morning toilette and neck breaking use of a towering wall of drawers added a sound portion of humor, poetry and laughter...tremendous experiment in stress.”
Urban (DK)

”As a cross between an acrobatic artist act, a silent movie and a comical ballet the participants fall, catch, throw, dance around in fantastic slapstick acts on the floors, in office chairs, between computers and shopping carts. It is brilliant clown comedy that will surprise in any circus. A portrait of busy everyday people rushing like high-speed trains through life is drawn. A power performance – particularly by Kristján Ingimarsson who must have the physique and fitness of a marathon runner – a performance most worth seeing, unlike anything else in Danish theatre.”
Jyllands-Posten (DK)

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