Press quotes

”...a great and satisfying experience”
Politiken (DK)

”Watch it, watch it, watch it!” (DK)

”Time and time again Kristján Ingimarsson has appeared as a miraculous, humorous body artist and peculiar, expressive mimic”
Berlingske Tidende (DK)

”Fascinating and mad, impressive and humorous body movements create their own, new expression within the world of theatre”
Folkekirken i København (DK)

”The stark raving mad Kristján Ingimarsson is made from rubber and can wring any kind of absurd-grotesque bodily and facial expression”
Weekend Avisen (DK)

The performance was awarded a ”griman” – the icelandic theatre award, for best light-design 08.

Kristján Ingimarsson Company // Færgegårdsvej 17 d // DK-4760 Vordingborg // Mobile: +45 27 64 91 91 / +45 25 53 55 13