Kristján is awarded by Wilhelm Hansen Foundation

// 04.10.2018

 This fall Kristján recieves an honor award from Wilhelm Hansen Foundation together with 4 very talented indiviuals who have made Denmark more cultural rich. 

Kristján is awarded by Grubbers Foundation

// 26.09.2018

As the one and only physical performer Kristján won a price from The Gaubiers Foundation at Gaubier Awards 2018. What an honor. 

Kristján Ingimarsson at the Royal Danish Opera

// 27.01.2018

Kristján Ingimarsson will be the chorepgrapher at The Barber in Sevilla at the Royal Danish Opera 


This is the first time Kristján have be the choregrapher at an opera - it was a great learning experience and the opera is still playing at The Opera House in Copenhagen. 



KIC at the danish sales seminar for theatre

// 17.11.2017

KRISTJÀN INGIMARSSON COMPANY at the danish sales seminar for theatre in Odense.


MORPH - Rethink Human Behavior, BLAM! and The Art of Dying will be presented at this years sales seminar for theatre and performance in Odense, Denmark. We hope that all of them will have a great tour arround Denmark in 2018/2019. 

MORPH at theatre République

// 16.11.2017

MORPH - Rethink Human Behavior at Republique


MORPH will have it Copenhagen premiere at Theatre Republique marts 16th. It will play 10 times, so make sure to have a ticket. 

BLAM! in Shanghai

// 10.10.2017

 BLAM! at the Poly Grand Theatre in Shanghai


BLAM! has been in Shanghai at the Poly Grand Theatre to make a special interactive edition of BLAM! The team went to China for 13 days in October 2017

New Producer 2017

// 01.09.2017



The new producer from september 2017 i Pil Rix Rossel, you can catch her at . We are happy to wish her welcome to our little family

World premiere of MORTH - Rethink Human Behavior

// 11.04.2017

MORPH has its grand opening at Aarhus Theatre


Our newest production MORPH a co-production with Aarhus Theatre and in collaoration with Aarhus 2017 - European Capital Culture premieres at Aarhus theatre april 11th 2017. We are looking forward to show you our latest creation. 


// 08.03.2017

 BLAM will be in Taiwan in April at Dadong Arts Centre, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 

BLAM in Helsinki Jan. 18-22

// 16.01.2017

CIRCO is presenting BLAM at Aleksanterinn Teatteri Info HERE 

Morricone - Royal Theatre - 2 nights only!

// 02.11.2016

 Kristján Ingimarsson will perform in this selebration of Ennio Morricone. November 27 & 28 2016. More info HERE

Workshop in Copenhagen May 2016

// 21.04.2016




Kristján Ingimarsson Company - Stage Arts Laboratory

Workshop in Copenhagen, free of charge.

We are looking for performers in the field of theatre, dance & contemporary circus to     participate in a workshop where we will be researching and trying out specific ideas that later will lead to filming of short episodes for the internet.

The work will include

  • Work with big scenographic, moveable elements, defying gravity.

  • Work on specific scene-ideas and performing style to fit the media.

  • Surrealistic performance and installation.

    Dates: 4. - 14. May (except sunday the 8th.) - Time 10:00 - 15:00.

    THE HANGAR is a Stage Arts Laboratory under the supervision of Kristján Ingimarsson. We want to kick the dinosaur and stimulate more flow and creativity in the Stage Arts:

  • Try out ideas, techniques & develop material for our future work.

  • Give you an insight into Kristján Ingimarsson's way of working.

  • Get to know you, in case you just fit in to our next performance.

    You have to be able to attend at least 5 days of the full period. And you should be physically fit and seriously wanting to go all in. Send a short application to Before 27. April. No fees involved.
page1image13000 page1image13160 page1image13320

Hangar People

// 09.02.2016

 In june we will have a comic tragedy serie ready to be shown online.... 






volunteres AIRPORT

// 06.08.2015

We are looking for two volunteers for AIRPORT

1 director’s assistant and 1 for communication.

Write to Karsten for more info:




// 13.04.2015


Kristján Ingimarsson / Neander - Stage Arts Laboratory. 

We are looking for 7 performers / volunteers in the field of theatre, dance, contemporary circus to participate in a workshop, focusing on development of specific ideas for our future performances. This workshop will focus on experiments with moveable walls and puppetry.!

Time and Place: Week 17 (20. - 24. April) in Vordingborg. (Daytime or evening is up to the majority).

THE HANGAR is a Stage Arts Laboratory under the supervision of Kristján Ingimarsson. We want to kick the dinosaur and stimulate more flow and creativity in Stage Arts.

Try out ideas, techniques & develop material for our future performances.Give you an insight into Kristján Ingimarsson way of working.
Get to know you, in case we need you later.

You have to be physically fit and seriously wanting to go all in. Send your cv and a short application to Deadline 14/4. No fees involved.  page1image10944


New Manager

// 10.03.2015

Manager at Neander from March 2015 is Karsten Kruse Ellersgaard Pudselykke, you can catch him at this e-mail:

Pitch at ISPA congress New York

// 09.01.2015

 From January 12-16. Kristján Ingimarsson will be in New York pitching our next show AIRPORT, at the ISPA congress

BLAM! goes to Istanbul

// 17.10.2014

BLAM! will be in Istanbul, Turkey, playing at Zorlu Center from 29 November - 7 December 2014. We are looking forward to meeting a Turkish audience! 


BLAM! at Tampere Festival, Finland

// 22.05.2014

BLAM! will be performing at Tampere Festival in Finland August 8 - 9th, and The Good-looking Hero is already proudly posing on the cover of the festival's program. We can't wait, Finland! 


// 14.05.2014

WE ARE SO HAPPY TO BE BACK IN REYKJAVIK WITH BLAM! 13-18 of may (7 shows) and 19-24 of june (7 shows)

BLAM! tour in Holland/Belgium starting the 26 of M

// 04.03.2014

BLAM! tour in Holland/Belgium starting the 26 of March, tjeck out the tour calender

Viva Italia & Merry X-mas

// 21.12.2013

After another month and a half on the road, BLAM! has returned home for Christmas and a well-deserved break from touring. Seven countries have been taken on with almost 150 shows this year, and the final 2013 tour in Italy and Switzerland was no less of a succes. Everywhere, the show was well-received, and we can with confidence state that: They've been BLAMMED! Thank you all for showing up and taking part in the world of BLAM!

See you in 2014 - so far with BLAM!s coming up in The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland and Italy. 

Merry Christmas & a happy new year! 

Happy blammers in their tour bus!

London, you just got BLAMMED!

// 18.11.2013

"Just saw BLAM! One of the greatest, most exciting and brilliant shows I have ever seen. Honestly. Fucking blown away," wrote The Office-star and creator Ricky Gervais Saturday in his Facebook status and on Twitter. And Mr. Gervais is not the only one, who was blown away by BLAM! during our 26-show run at Peacock Theatre in London's West End. The reviewers sent a tornado of stars towards BLAM! and the roaring audience responses were not to be mistaken.

The Blammers blamming with Ricky Gervais

***** "Gobsmackingly brilliant, this is the best office party I have ever attended," is the verdict from Express' Neil Norman in his 5/5-star review. The Financial Times calls BLAM! "Blissfully, jaw-crackingly funny" also awarding it 5 generous stars, and Metro couldn't agree more, describing BLAM! as "an adrenaline rush that blasts the nine-to-five blues into outer space." with yet another 5/5-rating. And the superlatives kept coming, "A raucous piece of slapstick physical theatre" - The Times, "Spectacular … a dazzling succession of exhilarating action sequences.” - The Telegraph, "Jaw-dropping" - Timeout London.

Here's what the audiences at the Peacock Theatre had to say about BLAM!:

BLAM! continues its tour in Italy from Monday 25 November through 14 December. 

BLAM! of the week: Odense, Denmark

// 26.09.2013

This week our Denmark Tour has come to Odense, where the city's three major theatres have collaborated to bring BLAM! here. Momentum, Den Fynske Opera and Odense Teater have all made it possible to produce four shows in the lovely capital of Funen. Opening night was great - with Eos Karlsson joining us all the way from Sweden as The Muscle Guy - and we're looking forward to BLAMMING Odense with three more shows, before moving on to Jutland next week.

On top of it all, this week BLAM! just played its show number 100! And it has all only just begun!

This week: BLAM! @Teater Nordkraft

// 09.09.2013

This week BLAM! continues touring Denmark with 5 shows at Teater Nordkraft in Aalborg. After a succesful totally sold out Aarhus run at Bora-Bora, we are looking forward to blamming Northern Denmark! 

BLAM! at Waves Festival 31-08-2013

// 28.08.2013

After a massively succesful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with about 15.000 sold tickets and audiences from all over the world, BLAM! will be returning to its hometown Vordingborg and the International Waves Festival, where we are giving ONE SHOW ONLY this Saturday 19:00 at Vordingborg Theatre! Hope to see you there! 

The BLAM! cast after another great show at the Pleasance Grand in Edinburgh.

BLAM! 5 out of 5 stars from The Scotsman

// 04.08.2013

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is well up and running, and BLAM! has already played its first massively succesful shows. The audience response is overwhelming, and reviewer Sally Stott from the national newspaper The Scotsman has given BLAM! a 5-star top-rating, stating that "You're unlikely to find a better way of starting your festival than this."

On @BLAMtheshow is also crowded by enthusiastic tweets from audience member, who have been BLAMMED away! Even tv-producer Charlie Hanson, the man behind popular tv-shows such as The Office, exclaims that "#blam is the sensation of this year's @edfringe"!

BLAM! at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

// 22.07.2013

BLAM! will be performing 24 shows at the world-renowned theatre festival Edinburgh Fringe at one on the festival's major venues Pleasance Courtyard Theatre. For further information and tickets, please visit our new official BLAM!-site


Neander awarded by the city of Vordingborg

// 30.01.2013

Neander has received recognition in our hometown Vordingborg, Denmark.

At an award ceremony on January 18th, Neander was awarded with the Culture Prize along with Paolo Nani Theater and Cantabile 2 for creating a "unique theatre community" in the city of Vordingborg. Behind the award is the city counsil and Vordingborg Bank. The jury consisted of local cultural entrepreneurs and leaders: Jens Rask (Dansk Erhverv), Mia Slot Møller (visual artist), Jakob Brixvold (Dansk Live), Siri Facchini Haff (performer), Marc Abildgaard (multi artist), Lisbeth Mogensen (director of the dept. of youth and children) 

BLAM! wins Reumert Award

// 03.05.2012

Neander has won one of this year's Reumert Prizes (prestigeous Danish theatre award) in the category 'Juryens Særpris' (Special Prize of the Jury) for BLAM!. We are extremely proud and happy, and wish to thank all collaborators on the production, supporters and sponsors. A special thanks goes out to The Danish Arts Council and Republique for funding and facilitating our production. 

Watch the Reumert Show (in highlights) including Kristján Ingimarsson's acceptance speech on DR web (click to follow link)


BLAM! is nominated for a Reumert

// 04.04.2012

BLAM! has been nominated for the prestigeous Danish Theatre Award Reumert in the category 'Juryens Særpris' (Special Prize of the jury). The award ceremony is on April 29th at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, where BLAM! will furthermore make a 5-minute appearance on stage. We are very excited and looking forward to this big event. Fingers crossed!

List of nominees for Reumert 2012

BLAM! is turning Copenhagen upside-down!

// 28.01.2012

People are rushing to get to the theater, and the reviewers are more than thrilled - they are BLAMMED AWAY! Read rewievs on this site.

Friday the 20 th. January

// 13.01.2012

 BLAM! the 20 of january at Republique

Åbne prøver på BLAM! onsdag d. 14. dec.

// 12.12.2011

 Kristján Ingimarsson indbyder til


Onsdag den 14. december 2011 kl. 14:30 på Vordingborg Teater

BLAM! får premiere 20. januar på Republique i København – vær blandt de første til et smugkig ind i

BLAMMINGENS univers af ACTION, ATTITUDE og MÆND, der tager film ekstremt seriøst! En lille times visning af klip fra en toptunet blærerøvsforestilling under udvikling! Gratis – Medvirkende: Kristján Ingimarsson, Lars Gregersen, Joen Højerslev, Didier Oberle

CREATURE at Nordwind Festival, Berlin

// 22.11.2011

THIS WEEK! CREATURE is playing at Volksbühne, Berlin, during NORDWIND FESTIVAL

Saturday November 26 at 19:00

Sunday November 27 at 19:00

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz

Fools of the World Unite in Randers + Vordingborg

// 26.08.2011

Randers on Tuesday the 30th of august at Randers Egnsteater

and in Vordingborg the 24th of september at Vordingborg Teater

Big Wheel Café and Fools of the....

// 10.05.2011

Next week Kristján will go to Akureyri, Iceland with 2 shows of Hrærivel link HERE

Big Wheel Café will be in Reykjavik with 2 shows the 26-27 of May link HERE

During the culture night in Vordingborg the 3. of june, Kristján and Big Wheel Studios has a Foolshappening at 19 in the center.

Fools wookshop and event in France from the 14-19 of june



Fools of the World Unite at 17 of March

// 11.02.2011

Fools of the World Unite at 17 of March - 8 of April. Get your campain ticket HERE

// 17.01.2011

Kristján will fool Samtalekøkkenet on thursday tjeck link in the bottom. Kristján and Paolo will attend London Mime Festival 4 nights with "Art of Dying" and Upcoming the 17 of march at Nyaveny_  Fools of the World Unite, support us already now at 


London Mime Festival

facebook: fools of the world unite

CREATURE in Cairo and KINGIMARS in Faxe Ladeplads

// 12.10.2010

CREATURE will play at "the 22th. Cairo international festival for experimental theatre" the 18th and 19th of October more HERE....KINGIMARS will show up in Faxe Ladeplads the 23. of October at an "oplevelsesevent i Region Sjælland" more HERE



more press quotes + audience quotes

// 05.03.2010


 ♥♥♥♥ "Syret og skæv." "På alle måder med en god karma. Man skal bare vænne sig til, at det ikke ligner så meget andet. "imponerende godt" Per Theil, Politiken. læs mere HER

**** ” Yderst underholdende” ” det sprudler af liv i brædde-cafeen i country & western-stil fyldt med skøre og skæve eksistenser” Vibeke Wern, Berlinske Tidende. læs mere HER 

**** ”Alt er som sagt muligt i denne forbløffende forestilling" iscenesat af den altid selv lige så forbløffende sceneakrobat, islændingen Kristjan Ingimarsson. Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld. læs mere HER


Fantastisk forestilling, den kan virkelig anbefales!- Skøn og dejlig - skør og uforudsigelig - pudsig og vedkommende.... TAK Kristjan og alle på scenen.   

Tak for en noget anderledes oplevelse, som jeg ikke vil være foruden. Det greb mig meget, og efterlod mig faktisk noget trist, hvilket jeg ikke havde forventet, da du havde fortalt mig, at man grinede meget. OK, der var sjove indfald, men for mig var det: mennesket og ensomheden, hvordan vi prøver at opnå kontakt med andre, men ikke når hinanden, rutinerne, der udgør vores livs indhold, det overfladiske og lignende tanker, jeg tog hjem med. FLOTTE præstationer af alle, balletagtigt og virtuost udført, rå scenografi - og dybt tankevækkende! Tusind tak for oplevelsen.

Total fed oplevelse! Tak for et godt grin - og eftertænksomhed!

(Vi takker tilbage herfra!) 

Publikum er stadig begejstret og nu følger pressen

// 01.03.2010

The audience is exited and now the press aswell. Læs her anmeldelser fra Politiken og Berlingske

Big Wheel Café trailer på samt Guest

// 22.02.2010

Så går det løs, folk er vildt begejstrede for forestillingen, ingen anmeldelser endnu, men her en trailer:

look here for a trailer:

Special Guest stars; 

Mandag d. 22. feb:   Kristján Ingimarsson

Tirsdag d. 23. feb:    Kasper Ravnhøj

Onsdag d. 24. feb:    Nicolas Bro 

Torsdag d. 25. feb:   Svend E. Kristensen (as the red man)

Onsdag d. 3. Marts:   Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir (fra det Islandske Nationalteater)

Mandag d. 8. Marts:   Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir

Tirsdag d. 9. Marts:   Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir

Onsdag d. 10. Marts: Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir 

Carsten Krogstrup is the winner of...

// 12.01.2010

Carsten Krogstrup took the winning photo during our tour with CREATURE in DK. Our board chose this photo, the price is a dinner for 2 persons at restaurant BABETTE. 


// 07.10.2009

 Creature just finished a succesfull tour in DK. Check audience photos HEREand trailer HERE

CREATURE on tour in DK

// 08.09.2009

CREATURE will in september - ocktober play 13 performances all over DK, check our calender for places and dates. You will find us next weekend, 5 september at 14 o'clock in PRESSEN at Rådhuspladsen in CPH with a livetrailer from Big Wheel Café. 


// 29.07.2009

 The 1. of august we will move in to our new studios in building 30 on Oringe in Vordingborg. We have 750 kvm. wich contains offices, 2 reheasal studios and a gallery.  We are Neander Theater (Kristján Ingimarsson and Gitte Nielsen). Paolo Nani Theater. VAS. Teater Du Milde Himmel (Line Svendsen). Jan Jaap Cramer. Jens Andersen. Lotte Elvang. We have enough space for more people so contact Gitte Nielsen for more information on +45 27525507 or Our goal is that Big Wheel Studios will be a place, where you can find inspiration for your culturework, both from the other participants, but also from the space itself (BWS is situated in an old mentalhospital) and from the surrondings (oringe is a beautiful half island, the nature here is wonderfull!)   

Mike Attack in Iceland

// 03.07.2009

Mike Attack will play 3 shows in iceland in july. 10 july Höfn. 12 july Egilsstadir. 14 july Husavik

Rehearsals in Vordingborg and opening of

// 15.06.2009

Kristján is right now rehearsing in our studios in Vordingborg, with people from the National Theater of Iceland. This play have a premiere i iceland in april 2010. The 1. of august we will open up for "Big Wheel Studios" at Oringe in Vordingborg, a place containing: 2 studios, offices, gallery. 

CREATURE tour in Iceland

// 05.03.2009

CREATURE will go to Iceland in May 2009. We will have 2 shows in Akureyri at Akureyri Theater 1,2 of May and 4 shows in Reykjavik at The National Theater 14,15,16,17 May

Neander is now planning the next performance....

// 02.01.2009

Neander is now working on a new play called "Big Wheel Café", wich will play in Copenhagen in the springtime next year. We are also planning a tour with CREATURE in iceland + in october CREATURE will be touring in DK.

Photos from the audience

// 05.11.2008

See the photos taken by the audience here!

Se anmeldelser her:


// 19.09.2008

A brand new concept is born!

In the best Hollywoodstyle Kristján Ingimarsson will perform a 10 minutes trailer for his new show "7 songs about the CREATURE" in Husets Teater on the 25th of September 2008. The trailer will be shown after the performance "En smule stilhed før stormen" at around 21.45.

The entrance is free.




// 04.09.2008

Kristján Ingimarsson performs at the Gala-opening of Grønnegades Kasernes Kulturcenter on the 18th of September 2008.



New show

// 03.09.2008

Kristján Ingimarson is soon ready with his new performance: 7 songs about the CREATURE. Watch the show in Husets Teater from the7th untill the 23rd of November 2008

Kristján Ingimarsson Company // Færgegårdsvej 17 d // DK-4760 Vordingborg // Mobile: +45 27 64 91 91 / +45 25 53 55 13