London, you just got BLAMMED!

"Just saw BLAM! One of the greatest, most exciting and brilliant shows I have ever seen. Honestly. Fucking blown away," wrote The Office-star and creator Ricky Gervais Saturday in his Facebook status and on Twitter. And Mr. Gervais is not the only one, who was blown away by BLAM! during our 26-show run at Peacock Theatre in London's West End. The reviewers sent a tornado of stars towards BLAM! and the roaring audience responses were not to be mistaken.

The Blammers blamming with Ricky Gervais

***** "Gobsmackingly brilliant, this is the best office party I have ever attended," is the verdict from Express' Neil Norman in his 5/5-star review. The Financial Times calls BLAM! "Blissfully, jaw-crackingly funny" also awarding it 5 generous stars, and Metro couldn't agree more, describing BLAM! as "an adrenaline rush that blasts the nine-to-five blues into outer space." with yet another 5/5-rating. And the superlatives kept coming, "A raucous piece of slapstick physical theatre" - The Times, "Spectacular … a dazzling succession of exhilarating action sequences.” - The Telegraph, "Jaw-dropping" - Timeout London.

Here's what the audiences at the Peacock Theatre had to say about BLAM!:

BLAM! continues its tour in Italy from Monday 25 November through 14 December. 

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