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Kristján Ingimarsson is multitalented artist in the field of visual theatre. He is full of surprising and comic figures. His physical language is in constant development in a blend of mime, slapstick, acrobatics, clowning, dance and theatre. Stylistically, his theatre is characterized by high-energy, rhythmic sequences, surreal effects and comic as well as touching moments.  

Ingimarsson's performances typically take their starting point in twisted thought experiments about modern civilization in which a thesis is developed in flights of fancy into extremely funny insanity. Every performance is a new experiment, and a result of a close collaboration between artists from different disciplines as architecture, the visual arts, music, films, dance and digital media.

Ingimarsson is known as a sublime performer, but his work covers a wider spectrum. In recent years he has worked as a director of a number of site-specific projects in Denmark and Iceland, and created a series of ensemble works.    
Kristján Ingimarsson (b. 1968). Originally from Iceland. Moved to Denmark in 1992. Trained, among other places, at the School of Stage Arts (the actors’ school at the performance art theatre Cantabile 2, DK), 1997. Founder and artistic director of the Neander theatre company (1998), as well as freelance director, actor and performer.
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