The 1. of august we will move in to our new studios in building 30 on Oringe in Vordingborg. We have 750 kvm. wich contains offices, 2 reheasal studios and a gallery.  We are Neander Theater (Kristján Ingimarsson and Gitte Nielsen). Paolo Nani Theater. VAS. Teater Du Milde Himmel (Line Svendsen). Jan Jaap Cramer. Jens Andersen. Lotte Elvang. We have enough space for more people so contact Gitte Nielsen for more information on +45 27525507 or Our goal is that Big Wheel Studios will be a place, where you can find inspiration for your culturework, both from the other participants, but also from the space itself (BWS is situated in an old mentalhospital) and from the surrondings (oringe is a beautiful half island, the nature here is wonderfull!)   

Kristján Ingimarsson Company // Færgegårdsvej 17 d // DK-4760 Vordingborg // Mobile: +45 27 64 91 91 / +45 25 53 55 13