AIRPORT - Premiered at REPUBLIQUE in Copenhagen November 12, 2015

The airport. A place full of promises where the world lays open at your feet, and the dreams move ahead… At the same time, one of the world’s most controlled places. Why do we, no questions asked, put up with its massive amount of rules and carefully execute every ritual as we pass through this system?

Director Kristján Ingimarsson puts the phenomenon ‘airport’ on stage, blast it into atoms and poetically transform it into a spectacular physical performance. 

In the signature expressive visual, humorous, and rebellious style of Neander, AIRPORT frames the odd circumstances that surround us from check-in to boarding and twists this very familiar setting and its physical and dramaturgical premises to the extreme in an illusory set that undergoes constant transformation. It is a performance that subtly explores the nature of illusion and dreams. 

Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Beckett Foundation, Knud Højgaards Foundation and The town Vordingborg.

Co-producers: REPUBLIQUE

Watch Kristján Ingimarssons early talk about AIRPORT HERE


Performers: Sebastian Aagaard-Williams, Julie Kunz, Kajsa Bohlin, Piet Gitz-Johansen, Signe Harder, Thomas Bentin, Didier Oberlé


Artictic Crew: Director: Kristján Ingimarsson - Set designer: Johan Kølkjær - Dramaturg: Simon Boberg - Co-Writer: Jesper Petersen - Sound Design: Jens Rosenlund Petersen - Light Design: Mads Nielsen - Costume: Sophie Bellin-Hansen - Assistant to set-designer: Julia McIntyre


Producers: Karsten Kruse Ellersgaard Pudselykke - Gitte Nielsen


AIRPORT toured Denmark in Sep/Oct 2016


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